Time Stands Still

Lieder von John Dowland (1563-1626)

Preludium (Laute solo)
Rest Awhile You Cruel Cares

Time Stands Still
Praise Blindness Eyes
Lady Hunsdon’s Almain (Laute solo)

Unquiet Thoughts

Captain Digorie Piper’s Galliard (Laute solo)
Time’s Eldest Son, Old Age

When Phoebus First Did Daphne Love
Come, Heavy Sleep

White As Lilies Was Her Face 


Lachrimae Pavan (Laute solo) 

Now, O Now, I Needs Must Part
Come Again: Sweet Love Doth Now Invite

Lend Your Ears To My Sorrow
Go Crystal Tears
Say Love If Ever Thou Didst Find

I Saw My Lady Weep

Who Ever Thinks Or Hopes Of Love

Elisabeth Scholl-Pöllmann, Sopran
Liat Himmelheber, Alt
Alfons Brandl, Tenor
Christian Schmidt, Bass
Thomas Königs, Laute
Hartwig Groth, Viola da Gamba